An artist and photographer has created a beautiful lizard design on Gullane Beach using shells and a bush branch.

Laurence Winram, who lives near Portobello, visited Gullane Beach yesterday (Sunday) to make the design which measures about 2.5m long.

He works as a photographer but enjoys making artistic designs on beaches across the country.

It took him about four hours to create the design which is made from shells and a bush branch.

He told the Courier: “I’ve never made a creature design before and I like trying new things. I’m heading to The Llano Earth Art Festival in Texas in a few weeks.

“It took about four hours to make and quite a while trying to get the photo right. I’m fussy as I’m a photographer by trade.

“It’s made of the local bivalve shells, known as tellins, that are all over the East Lothian beaches.

“It’s also made with a thorny bush branch, I think sea buckthorn, that were right there. I like to use just what’s at hand.

“My pieces are usually washed away by the tide but this one I left there. The wind, rabbits and dogs will have it gone in a day or so. I like the ephemeral quality of land art.

“It was great to work at Gullane Beach, especially on such a beautiful day as it was on Sunday.

“I can get a bit lost in making the work but I have to remind myself to pause and take in the moment in such a beautiful place.

“It’s an incredibly meditative practice and I always leave with a smile on my face.”

Laurence is also involved in organising European Land Art Festival in Dunbar which is set to return in July.

He said: "I’ve always loved creating art in various forms but a few years ago a friend posted a link to the European Land Art festival in Dunbar so I went along and was blown away.

"I felt like I’d met people that see the world in the same way as myself and I’ve become a part of the Land Art world and now take part in their their various festivals.

"I won the world rock stacking championships artistic competition last year in Texas, I now help to run the Dunbar event (ELAF) every July.

"I usually find a free day during the weekend to head down to Portobello, or out to Humbie or Dunbar to make something."

You can find more of his work on his Facebook page at or on Instagram.