Bikers on motorbikes acting irresponsibly in Tranent is a “real concern” according to a Tranent and Elphinstone community councillor.

Community councillor Robert McNeill raised the issue at February’s community council meeting on Tuesday evening.

Mr McNeill said: “Something needs to be done about the people going through the town on motorbikes.

“Just last week I was almost knocked down by one travelling at some speed in the town.

“This is a regular issue: there is someone out almost daily along Tranent High Street doing wheelies and acting irresponsibly. It is a real concern.

“I am concerned for two reasons. The first is that he may hurt someone else acting in that way and the second is that he could hurt himself.

“It seems like nothing is being done to stop this from happening.”

Mike Falconer, chair of the community council, said he shared Mr McNeill’s concerns, but felt there was little the community council could do about the problem an urged the matter to be raised at the next community and police partnership (CAPP) meeting.

The meetings, which are open to the public, are attended by representatives of the ward’s community councils where police issues in local areas are discussed.

He said: “I agree that this is an issue. But this is again something that is hard to police. Do police have the resources to do anything about this?

“We have to, as always, encourage people to be responsible and safe. In this case I am not sure what the appropriate response should be.

“Is this something we can ask community police to look at and raise at the next CAPP meeting?”

Neil Ellis, vice chair, agreed to raise concerns about the incidents at the next CAPP meeting.

East Lothian Council said that no complaints have been made directly to the council on this issue but encouraged the public to contact police if such incidents occur.

An East Lothian Council spokesperson said: "Road traffic offences are a matter for Police Scotland to investigate and should be reported on the non-emergency number 101.

"East Lothian Council's Safer Communities team can also be contacted about antisocial behaviour on 01620 827753."