A Go Fund Me has been set up to raise money in protest of the council's intention to close Johnnie Cope's Road between Prestonpans and Tranent.

The fundraiser has been organised by Janis Wilson on behalf of the Keep Johnnie Cope Road Open Facebook group that was set up by Fiona Crombie.

It is hoped that with the funds the group could create leaflets, banners and placards to highlight to residents why the road must stay open and upgraded for safety reasons.

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The online group has amassed more than 800 members in under a month, bringing together residents from both communities in a united response against the council plans.

Council officials announced their intention to close the road at the end of 2022, reviving an unaltered plan from 1986 which had not been enacted for a number of reasons.

The road starts in the north at the junction with Gardiner Terrace, near Prestonpans Railway Station. It then crosses the A1 by bridge and joins Brickworks Road in Tranent to the south.

Prestonpans Community Council has already declared the plans "ludicrous" and "absurd", criticising the council's proposal due to its failure to address modern demographics and "contradictory" reasoning.

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Janis Wilson, who set up the fundraiser and is also secretary of Prestonpans Community Council, stated online why the the group had organised the Go Fund Me.

She said: "We are residents of Prestonpans and Tranent and we're fighting to keep Johnnie Cope's Road open.

"The road is an ancient right of way which dates back to the 1700s.

"The council had plans to close the road when the new A1 was built in 1986, however, this was never done.

"Since then the road has remained open to traffic, but as it has never been maintained, it has become quite a dangerous road to use – although it is well used.

"Since 1986 both Tranent and Prestonpans have more than doubled in size and the creation of an entirely new town to the east of Prestonpans means even more traffic on the roads.

"Prestonpans train station is accessed via the road and with the new town, more people will be using the station. To close a vital road is simply ludicrous.

"We are fundraising for leaflets, banners, and placards highlighting our aims and explaining why the road must remain open must be upgraded and must be made safe for the people who need it."

A five-week public consultation on the road's closure commences on Monday, with Prestonpans Community Council having already announced that it "unanimously" objected to the proposal.

Those wishing to contribute can do so by visiting here