A fostering campaign has been launched to recruit carers who can offer county homes to children and young people who need them.

It is hoped that the campaign, launched by East Lothian Council (ELC), will build on national media stories published before Christmas on the importance of fostering and the difference that foster carers can make.

The council said that the need for foster carers was urgent and that this campaign aimed to show how foster carers could support young people in need.

The campaign focuses on the everyday moments in a child’s life that foster carers can be part of, such as supporting schoolwork, feeling part of a family or developing a new interest, and the life-changing impact that being “part of their journey” can have.

Councillor Fiona Dugdale, cabinet member for education and children’s and family services, said: “There are a number of reasons why children and young people may need foster care.

“It is important that if this happens, they have a home where they are loved, nurtured and valued.

“Our foster carers do an amazing job in East Lothian and we would love for more people to come forward and join our fostering family, making sure all of our children and young people can be safe and supported.”

Along with banners at schools, there are graphics on bus shelters, posters at community buildings and social media activity.

Judith Tait, ELC’s head of children’s services, said: “There has never been a more urgent need to recruit foster carers in East Lothian.

“We want all children and young people to have the best start in life and as a service we work tirelessly on supports to help families remain together.

“Where this isn’t possible and additional care is needed either short or long term, we want to have sufficient homes right here in East Lothian that can provide the additional support and stability.

“Our foster carers have told us the difference fostering has made in their own lives and how much they have enjoyed being part of a young person’s journey.

“The fact that many foster carers remain in contact with children who lived with them shows the strength of the bonds that are created.

“Our dedicated team will help you at every stage of your fostering journey to make the process rewarding for you as well as for the young people you care for.

“There’s no better way to make a difference in your community.”

Those interested in becoming a foster carer can phone Foster East Lothian on 01620 827643 or visit eastlothian.gov.uk/foster to find out more.