THERE is a strong desire to hold a public fireworks display in Tranent next year but significant hurdles must first be overcome.

That was the message from Tranent and Elphinstone Community Council members when they debated the isue at their meeting last week.

The community council organises the display and they praised the people of Tranent for a great turnout at this month’s event.

More than 2,000 people are thought to have attended.

A sum of about £1,800 was also collected from donations and sales of ‘light up toys’, with the cash put aside to hopefully fund a display next year.

Mike Falconer, community council chairman, said at the group’s meeting: “What this has evidenced is that clearly the people of Tranent have an appetite for a display to be held again.”

East Lothian Courier: Tranent fireworks 2022. Image: Jodie WilsonTranent fireworks 2022. Image: Jodie Wilson

Mr Falconer supported the idea of a display being held next year but questioned whether it was possible to do so in the current format.

He said: “The community council are in full support of a display at Polson Park in principle. However, there are some drawbacks that must be considered.

“Firstly, there are obvious cost issues. We expect the cost of a display could double next year and this would mean serious consideration must be given as to whether we can afford to spend that money on a display. Secondly, the amount of time and effort that the community council put into organising this display is immense.

“I began to take note of the hours that we put into planning this year’s display and I stopped once we got over the 100-hour mark.

“We support the idea of another display but we would like to consider the possibility of handing it back to the community.

“The community council would still be heavily involved in organising, licensing and planning, but we would be seeking additional help from the community to share some of the work involved in organising the display.

“We are a small group of volunteers and so far the only reason we have been able to organise the display is due to the vast experience of the people on this community council.”

It was noted that four members of the public, as well as the Rotary Club of Tranent, had offered their support in organising future displays.

Concerns have also been raised by a local horse owner, who stated the noise distressed horses near Polson Park.

Mr Falconer said that, while he sympathised with the owner, the display was properly licensed and no noise rules were broken by putting on the display.

David Forrest, group vice-chairman, added: “A public display like this, which lasts 15 to 20 minutes, will undoubtedly reduce the length of time that noise from fireworks occurs.

“If members of the public come to this event, they are less likely to put on displays themselves.

“This is safer and will reduce the period of time in which firework noise is an issue.”

A further proposal to move the display elsewhere was also discussed.

Member Brian Ramsay said that some members of the public had suggested switching the display to Meadowmill.

If this was ever to happen, Mr Ramsay envisaged it would be a joint display with other community councils, in which the planning and funding costs would be shared. But he stressed that no bid to move the display has been made.

A community council sub group is to be formed to discuss all the issues and a decision on a 2023 display will likely be made in about February.