South Scotland MSP Craig Hoy has bemoaned proposed new boundary changes that would see the majority of Musselburgh moved out of the East Lothian constituency for General Elections.

Updated proposals from the Boundary Commission for Scotland could result in about 11,200 electors from Musselburgh, including the town centre and Inveresk, joining an Edinburgh East constituency – an increase from about 8,500 as part of initial proposals announced last autumn.

The rest of the town, it is being suggested, would become part of a newly created East Lothian and Lammermuirs constituency.

Mr Hoy described the move as “confusing”, with the new name not accurately reflecting local geography, and encouraged those with concerns to make their views heard.

He said the name was being proposed “despite the southern half of the Lammermuir Hills being contained within the Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk constituency”.

He added: “I would encourage anyone with concerns to submit their views to the Scottish Boundary Commission by December 5.”