SOUL band This n’ That will play in East Lothian on Sunday at Prestonpans Labour Club.

The event begins at 2pm and runs until 7pm.

There is no booking required and tickets are free but donations are welcomed on the night.

The band will also play a second county gig at the Store Club in Musselburgh on Friday, November 25.

This n’ That were formed in 1966 and current member Anne Murray has been performing with the band since their creation.

The band were popular around Scotland throughout the ’60s and ’70s, and have been playing regularly in and around Edinburgh with the ’60s Roadshow for the past 12 years.

Now with one of Prestonpans’ favourite sons Eddie (Hessel) Torley fronting the band, they are on top form, covering ’60s dance numbers from Motown and Stax artists.

Tickets are available at the Store Club for the ’60s event and will be complimented with two other bands, Fayne and the Cruisers and the Hipple People.