A county vet has urged pet owners to "plan-ahead" for the upcoming firework season with tips to keep their four-legged friends calm.

Village Vets in Longniddry has produced the information, advice and tips to help pet owners in what can be a very stressful time for owner and animal alike.

It recommends that cats and dogs are kept safely indoors during the fireworks period to prevent injury and stress and that windows and doors are kept shut to prevent them bolting through fear.

It also advised that pets should also wear collars and tags, while microchips should be up to date so they can be reunited with their owner if they flee.

The advice also explains some less known tip to calm their pets such as playing music around them, using scented diffusers that can reassure pets while also playing firework sounds on a CD to acclimatise them.

Julia Meyer, veterinary surgeon at Village Vets highlighted how stressful time this can be for pets and encouraged people to speak to their vet for more advice.

She said: “This can be a difficult time for pets and their owners, with the fireworks season stretching over several weeks.

"We would advise people to think ahead to help keep animals happy, safe and comfortable.

"Dogs should not be left alone during this time and even pets that have previously shown no fear can become sensitive, so it is advisable to speak to your vet for advice.

"The biggest worry is that many pets will bolt through fear at this time of year so make sure doors and windows are shut.

"Providing a safe place where they can hide, like a den, is a good idea and there are also over-the-counter therapies that can help to keep them calm."

Julia also proposed a top 10 list for pet owners for things they can do so reduce the stress that pets feel during firework celebrations.

1. Keep dogs and cats inside when fireworks are being let off.

2. Make sure your dog is walked earlier in the day before fireworks start.

3. Shut windows and doors and block off catflaps to stop pets running off if they get frightened.

4. Close the curtains and turn up the TV or music to distract them from the noise of fireworks.

5. Make sure cats and dogs are wearing collars and tags in case they bolt and ensure microchip details are up to date so they can be quickly reunited with you.

6. Avoid leaving your pet home alone in the evenings when fireworks are going off.

7. Keep calm and reassure your pet to make them feel safe and secure. Shouting at a frightened pet will only make them more stressed.

8. Prepare a safe place or ‘den’ where your pet can hide when fireworks start so they feel safe and comfortable.

9. Cover rabbit hutches or aviaries with blankets to block out sight of fireworks and reduce sound of bangs.

10. Bring hutches or cages indoors, if possible, or into a garage or shed.