Plans for a pump track at Tranent’s Polson Park could be the start of “something big”, according to Tranent and Elphinstone Community Council chairman Mike Falconer.

Community councillors discussed the plans at the group’s monthly meeting, following an announcement by East Lothian Council that Polson Park was the preferred location for a pump track in Tranent.

Mr Falconer said: “I think this is a great opportunity for the area and for Polson Park.

“I think this could be the start of something big for Polson Park and will hopefully bring people to the park.

“This is an opportunity as well for kids and adults to skate and do other activities safely and supervised.”

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Fellow community councillor Robert McNeill said: “We need a facility like this in East Lothian and we need to support things like this as a community.

“Tranent deserves to have a good park and hopefully this development is the start of something big.”

The meeting was attended by all four of Tranent and Elphinstone’s ward councillors: Fiona Dugdale, Kenny McLeod, Lee-Anne Menzies and Colin McGinn.

Mr McGinn said: “There are going to be voices out there that will be unhappy about this development.

“But this is a big project and personally I’m delighted to see this happening in Tranent.

“Polson Park has to be a developing park, it has to attract people, and facilities like this are a good thing.”

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Ms Dugdale said: “This is a great investment. Things like this are not just for young people either; there are many adults who will use this facility, I’m sure.”

Ms Menzies was also in support of the development and hoped it would become a top attraction.

She said: “We have to make Polson Park a destination for visitors from all over the county and beyond.

“It’s taken a long time for us to realise that we should have facilities like this in our parks to allow people to use them.”

Mr McLeod raised concerns that the proposal might go against a covenant that is in place at Polson Park.

He said: “The Polson Park was gifted to the people of Tranent by the Polson family. There is a covenant, which I am trying to get a hold of, which details things that you can and cannot do to the park.

“My concern is that this proposal may be in breach of the covenant but I don’t know details yet.

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“On pump tracks as a whole, I am a believer that if something like this is offered to you you should take it, otherwise someone else will get the benefit of it. I think a pump track is a great thing overall for the area.”