WE TAKE a look at the stories making headlines in East Lothian 25, 50 and 100 years ago.

25 years ago...

A ‘MIRACLE’ fairground boy was front page news in the East Lothian Courier on October 24, 1997.

Dunbar mum Fiona Courtney has spoken of her joy at the homecoming of son Keith after his remarkable recovery from an horrific fairground accident.

Keith was celebrating his 12th birthday on a ride at the Bleachingfield when he was thrown an estimated 40ft through the air, landing on a barrier in Dunbar United Football Club.

Suffering two punctured lungs and a broken right leg, he was put on a ventilator in hospital where doctors described him as ‘critically ill’.

But just two weeks later he was allowed to return to the family home in Parsonspool, to the joy of parents Fiona and Tommy, brother Robert, 17, and sister Lynne, 21.

And he has now rejoined classmates at Dunbar Grammar School.

“The accident gave us a fright but he has made a miraculous recovery,” said Mrs Courtney, 43.

East Lothian Courier: Damage to schools in Tranent made the front page of the East Lothian Courier 50 years ago...Damage to schools in Tranent made the front page of the East Lothian Courier 50 years ago... (Image: Newsquest)

50 years ago...

FIRE raisers hit schools was the headline in the East Lothian Courier on October 27, 1972.

Vandals who played ‘hide and seek’ with police and firemen during the early hours of yesterday morning caused an estimated £33,000 damage to three Tranent schools.

The schools – Tranent Public, St. Martin’s R.C. and Ross High – were broken into.

While five fire units struggled to contain an inferno started in the assembly hall of the Public School, the vandals struck at St Martin’s.

The flames could be seen half a mile away and three units rushed through the deserted streets to prevent the building being gutted.

Then the dining-room at the Public School – a short distance from the main building – was on fire.

The public school was worst hit.

The Assembly Hall, gymnasium and television room were completely destroyed as was all the equipment associated with the activities carried out there.

School staff speculated that the damage had been caused by youngsters but all were at a loss to understand the reason for such senseless destruction.

100 years ago...

MIXED bathing was to be allowed in county swimming pools for the first time, reported the Haddingtonshire Courier on October 27, 1922.

At the monthly meeting of the Eastern Counties Amateur Swimming Association, a discussion took place concerning the question of mixed bathing in Corporation swimming ponds.

After different opinions had been given, a vote resulted in favour of mixed bathing, if proper dressing facilities were provided.