A PROJECT dedicated to providing baby clothes to young families has opened a portable cabin to provide support during the cost-of-living crisis, thanks to the efforts of groups across North Berwick.

Kindcycle was originally set up by Sally Hetherington, of mental health project Stepping Out, and Jan Gaunt, from Support from the Start, a network of organisations working to help children in the county, in 2016 to aid families in vulnerable situations.

The project, which is now based at the portable cabin by the town’s community centre, has been joined by members of Bass Rock Community Group, who have helped to wash and iron donated clothes. The cabin will allow Kindcycle to offer a swap shop where families can exchange clothing for different sizes.

Mrs Hetherington hoped the new set-up would allow the most needy in the community to get vital assistance.

She said: “Statistics for relative poverty for children has risen to 10 per cent of all children in the North Berwick Coastal area – a rise of three per cent since 2015.

“Social work referrals for children’s clothes and accessories are on the rise. Things can only get worse because of the cost-of-living crisis.

“Once everything is in place in the cabin, we hope to start a swap shop where local families will be able to come once a month to swap what they don’t need for what they do, and we will be accepting referrals for people in urgent need to take what they need.

“People in crisis also need choice – this is what Kindcycle is designed to do – to allow people, no matter their circumstance to still choose for their families.

“I would like to extend my thanks to the Bass Rock Community Group for their support and help in getting the Kindcycle unit back to its former glory.”

Alan Nisbet, leader of Bass Rock Community Group, said: “We are delighted to be involved and to help make a difference to those in need in our community. ”