North Berwick has welcomed some new Robert Louis Stevenson-inspired flowerbed, thanks to the dedicated work of local volunteers.

The floral displays are designed by East Lothian Council and North Berwick in Bloom (NBIB) to deliver an annual carpet bed with historical significance or resonance with the town.

This year, the teams decided to produce displays inspired by Stevenson, tying into VisitScotland's ‘Year of Stories’.

Stevenson spent much of his childhood summers in North Berwick and his legacy and writing is deeply tied to the town.

One striking floral bed, made of pyrethrums, echeverias, senecios, crassulas and sedums, depicts a skull and crossbones indicative of Stevenson’s most famous work Treasure Island and is situated at the Lodge Grounds.

The other display at the Quadrant depicts a gannet, a bird closely associated with the town but also linked to Stevenson’s novel Catriona.

The display was designed on a sand backdrop, with shells and recycled items from the beach used to recreate the famous seabird.

Libby Morris, chair of NBIB, said: “NBIB is delighted to support the 'Year of Stories’ theme. 

“Robert Louis Stevenson spent many summer holidays in North Berwick with his extended family.

“He was inspired by the landscape to write novels such as Treasure Island and Catriona, and NBIB has been inspired by the links with this world-famous author to honour Robert Louis Stevenson in displays in the town.”