Radio presenter Roman Kemp has said Chris Stark will undergo an “initiation” when he joins the Capital Breakfast show in the autumn.

Kemp was speaking at the Television and Radio Industries Club Awards where he scooped two awards for best radio programme and best radio personality.

The 29-year-old presenter, who is the son of Spandau Ballet star Martin Kemp, said: “With Chris it was so exciting, and on our team we’re all about the best idea wins and we just want to make a good show.

“There’s not any egos in our team, so it’s all just how can we make this show as good as possible.

“And all of us saw that moment and went ‘wow that’s a statement’. We’ve got MistaJam from BBC before and then now we’ve got Chris and it just builds to something really really special.”

He added: “There’s an initiation that he [Stark] will have to go through.”

When asked what the initiation may entail, Kemp said: “Nudity, always nudity.”

Kemp’s Capital Breakfast co-presenter Sian Welby added: “And eggs! Always eggs!”

On Friday, it was confirmed that Stark, 35, will be leaving his current presenting gig at BBC Radio 1 in August.

In his new job, Stark will join Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp as a presenter and creative executive producer.

He is also set to take up a new role in Global’s podcast division developing sport content for Global Player, Global’s digital radio and podcast listening service.

Kemp went on to reveal that despite his presenting role on the BBC’s The One Show and featuring on Channel 4’s Gogglebox with his father, he has no plans to branch out into more television work.

He told the PA news agency: “I don’t think I could branch out anymore.

“To be totally honest, I’ve always said radio is first for me, every time.

“I don’t think anything will make me feel how that makes me feel.”

Adding: “I just want to do what I enjoy.

“Gogglebox I do because it’s with my dad. Literally, the reason I chose Gogglebox is that I know that when I’m older and and when he’s not here anymore, I can say to my kids and my grandkids: this was the relationship I had with my dad. So that’s why I do it.”