A TRIAL encouraging young pupils at Knox Academy to not use their mobile phone throughout the school day has taken place.

Staff hope that the scheme, which began on May 16, will encourage pupils “to try to focus only on their schooling”.

An assembly took place at the school at the start of the week with feedback then received.

A spokesperson for East Lothian Council said: “Knox Academy carried out a self-evaluation at the end of March to support its school improvement plans for next session.

“One of the questions was about whether parents/pupils would support a four-week trial period of not using mobile phones during the school day to allow pupils to focus on their learning and face-to-face interaction.

“Parents were generally in support of the trial and could see the merit in it.

“Pupils were less keen; however, on closer examination of the pupils’ responses, younger pupils were more interested in trying it out.

“With senior pupils on exam leave, the school has decided to hold a pilot with S1-S3 but for one week rather than the original four. They will find out from pupils at the end of the week how this has worked.”