A FISHING crew was towed to safety after becoming stranded close to Fidra, near North Berwick, in the early hours of the morning (Wednesday).

Dunbar’s RNLI were alerted at about 5.10am after creel boat Aquila suffered engine failure at about 5.10am.

The all-weather lifeboat (ALB) was launched from Torness about 20 minutes later and arrived alongside the 10-metre boat at 6.15am.

A spokesperson for Dunbar RNLI said: “After assessing all the available options, coxswain Gary Fairbairn decided the best course of action was to tow the vessel and its two crew back to Dunbar.

“The crew set up a tow and the vessel was delivered safely to Dunbar Harbour at 7.45am.

“The ALB was refuelled and ready for service at 9am.”