A TRANENT woman who set up a takeaway business after battling breast cancer has been left heartbroken after her roadside snack van was stolen during the night.

Angela Thompson, owner and operator of Belter's Snacks, launched the business more than two years ago.

The burger van is situated on the westbound lay-by of the A198 Prestonpans to Longniddry road, near Seton Mains, south of Port Seton. 

She was shocked and devastated when she turned up to the location at 5.30am this morning to discover the van had been stolen.

Angela told the Courier: "I went down to work as normal this morning and it was gone.

"What they have done is lifted the van and cut the wheel clamp – which they have thrown onto the railway tracks – and taken the van using a vehicle of their own.

"Nothing like this has ever happened, a year or so ago it was broken into by teenagers but that's it."

Angela said she is "absolutely devastated that anyone could do this".

When asked what she would say to the thieves, Angela replied: "I don't know how they could live with themselves.

"I put everything into this business.

"I've actually had breast cancer before and the only way I could pay for thing was through this business."

Angela's son, Paul Clydesdale, added: "Someone has taken the wheel clamps off and chucked them on the train tracks.

"Why are people so cruel.

"My mum has worked so hard getting all these different events and working everyday for someone to steal that all away.

"If anyone has seen or heard anything please get in contact.

"Some people are so ruthless.

"My mum is breaking her heart."

Anyone with information about the theft or whereabouts of the van is urged to contact police on 101, stating incident number 0316 of May 13.