THE East Lothian Conservative and Unionist party has launched its manifesto for the upcoming East Lothian Council elections on Thursday.

East Lothian Council has been operated as a Labour minority administration since the last election in 2017, but the Conservatives, who have spent the last five years as the official opposition on the council, will be looking to improve their position on the back of key pledges to the local area.

The manifesto outlines the party's desire to see the reopening of the Edington Cottage Hospital in North Berwick and the reinstatement of the X5 bus service, which has now been confirmed.

The party strongly opposes the closing of rural schools and says it remains dedicated to fighting anti-social behaviour and upgrading the CCTV network across the county.

Additionally, the Conservatives have stated their commitment to nuclear energy and want to see Torness Power Station remain open.

Lachlan Bruce, Conservative Group leader, said: “East Lothian Conservatives will campaign extensively to retain and reinstate vital services in our local communities, including Edington Cottage Hospital.

“We will support nuclear jobs at Torness and fight for East Lothian to have the best roads, best schools and best high streets in Scotland, as well as opposing overdevelopment in East Lothian without adequate facilities such as GP surgeries and adequate transport infrastructure.”

Craig Hoy, Conservative MSP for South Scotland, added: “The East Lothian Conservative group is entirely made up of local residents who know their communities well. This is unlike other parties.

"Our candidates have extensive knowledge of the local communities which they are seeking to represent and they have my full backing ahead of May’s council elections.”

Go to to download the full manifesto.

Both the Greens and Labour have previously announced their East Lothian Council election manifestos.