There's nothing I love more than a mixed slush puppie - whether I'm at the cinema, out for the day or just popping in the corner shop.

So when Iceland announced it was launching a new range of ice lollies that included a slush puppie one, I knew I had to try one.

The retailer has taken some of our favourite drinks and turned them into tasty icy treats including J20Vimto and Tyson Fury energy drink range Furocity.

Here's what I thought of Iceland's Slush Puppie ice lolly.

Iceland's Slush Puppie ice lollies - the verdict

Like I say, I'm a big fan of slush puppies so I went into this hoping for them to taste amazing but also slightly expecting them to not be as good as the real thing.

Luckily I was very pleasantly surprised.

They tasted just like the real thing and there was so much flavour that is sometimes lost from an ice lolly.

They're also only 38 calories per lolly so even those of us trying to watch their weight can enjoy the frozen goodness.

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The box comes with 6 individually wrapped ice lollies so there's plenty to go around or in my case, enough to last you a day or two when the sun's out.

One box costs £2 or you can get three for £5.

I'm not the only one who enjoyed them either with one review on the website saying: "Absolutely LOVED these! Full of flavour and tasted amazing!! Can't wait to try the spirals..."

And another adding: "A household favourite already! Kids love them."

You can try one for yourself by visiting the Iceland website or popping into a store near you.

Iceland ice lollies - the drinks inspired range