Jodie Kidd has revealed her partner Joseph Bates proposed to her in Paris while she was in the bath.

The former model, 43, recalled how Bates got down on one knee during a trip to the French capital last November.

She told Hello! magazine: “I thought he was bending down to have a chat with me, but suddenly he came out with it.

“I was a bit shocked. I just said: ‘Oh my goodness!’ But it couldn’t have been a more wonderful moment.

“I guess in a restaurant it would have been cliched. But this was private, fun and different.”

Bates told how he had been planning the proposal for some time.

(Hello! magazine/PA)

“I kept thinking: ‘Shall I do it now? Is this the right place?’ I wanted it to be private, but I sort of ad-libbed.”

The couple, who began dating in 2017, are planning a wedding at a friend’s property in the West Country but have not confirmed a date.

It will be Bates’ first marriage and Kidd’s third.

She has a 10-year-old son called Indio from her relationship with Argentinian polo player Andrea Vianini.

Speaking about her past marriages, Kidd said: “I was young and gung-ho, and wanted things far too quickly.

“I believed in marriage so passionately that I’ve just gone: ‘Yeeees’, and then learnt the error of my ways by being too brash.

“I hadn’t thought enough about whether it’s the right person who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

“I’ve now matured somewhat in my rash decision-making. And this isn’t a gunshot wedding. We’ve lived together for three or so years.

“There’s a lot of stability and we’re an amazing family unit, so it feels a lot safer.”

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