AN AUTHOR from Musselburgh has turned his literary talents to writing children’s books for his grandchildren.

Alex Brown, 58, is celebrating the self-publication via Class Moustache Publishing of the tales of Snoozlewhoosh, a toy owl, in Evie’s Christmas Adventure and Jude’s Jurassic Journey.

He said: “Snoozlewhoosh is a character I created around seven years ago, just a year after my oldest granddaughter Evie, who is now eight, was born.

“I would make up stories and, as Evie got older, I would tell her about the magical world of dreams.

“Then Jude was born and I decided that I would one day give my grandchildren their very own picture book or early reader chapter book.”

He said: “Snoozlewhoosh is not any normal toy owl but an adorable, mystical and magical owl.

“Snoozlewhoosh helps my grandchildren drift off to sleep and, once asleep, they meet Snoozlewhoosh as he comes to life in the magical world of dreams.

“With me now having five grandchildren, they each have their very own special and magical adventure in a dream with a subject that suits each of their ages and interests.”

He added: “I got Evie and Jude involved with their own stories and asked them both what they would like, and where they would want Snoozlewhoosh to take them.

“Evie chose a place to meet Princess Coral and also wanted a dog named Bella to be part of her story.

“Jude wanted dinosaurs and asked to travel to an island with Snoozlewhoosh, Jude also picked a triceratops, a stegosaurus and a t-rex.”

Mr Brown added: “They were both very excited when we discussed that Snoozlewhoosh comes to life when children fall asleep and that Snoozlewhoosh takes them on amazing journeys in the magical world of dreams.”

He was advised to trademark Snoozlewhoosh by a friend in the publishing industry, who said the character sounded like something Roald Dahl might have created.

Mr Brown said: “Hearing this made me smile and I began to believe I could write and create a book for each grandchild at the very least.

“Once the trademark was successful, I decided I would write and create a series of books, starting with a story for each of my grandchildren.”

Evie Brown and her five-year-old brother Jude, both pupils at Stoneyhill Primary School in Musselburgh, received their books as gifts on Christmas Eve, much to their delight and that of their parents, Zander and Denise.

Other books on the cards for Christmas 2022 are Kayen Meets a King, Luna’s Lunar Landing and Kody’s Christmas Cracker for Mr Brown’s other grandchildren.

Mr Brown, a former boxer who owns Ideal Flooring Solutions in Musselburgh, said: “I also have a story called Snoozlewhoosh and his Forest Friends, which I plan to complete and release in the summer.”

He has already enjoyed the publication of his first novel, Hit Me – a dark comic thriller about an ex-boxer who is wrongly diagnosed with cancer and ends up in the fight of his life.

Mr Brown, well known for supporting charities and individuals throughout the county, said: “I was not sure I would manage to switch from a dark comic crime thriller to writing for children but, with me now having five grandchildren whom I adore, it was not that difficult.”

He is set to release another book, Niddrie Boys – which is part autobiography, part fiction – this year and a follow-up to Hit Me called Hit Me Harder next year.