A COMMUNITY survey organised by South Scotland MSP Craig Hoy has found that 97 per cent of respondents oppose the closure of inpatient services at North Berwick’s Edington Hospital.

The survey was sent to residents of North Berwick, Gullane, Dirleton and the surrounding area and was available to complete online.

The Edington’s inpatient and children’s minor injury services were temporarily transferred to East Lothian Community Hospital in Haddington on September 13, with a review of the move due to take place in early December.

More than one in seven households in the North Berwick area responded to Mr Hoy’s survey, with 1,684 local residents opposing the closure of inpatient services at the Edington, and just 26 supporting its closure.

Mr Hoy said: “It’s no surprise that an overwhelming majority of residents from North Berwick and the surrounding area oppose the closure of services at Edington Hospital.

“The Edington’s nurses have provided critical care for many patients in the area over the years and they are a valued part of our local community.”

The survey also asked residents whether they supported the expansion of healthcare facilities across East Lothian – with 92 per cent supporting expansion and two per cent opposed.

Mr Hoy added: “I believe that the large call from residents for an expansion of healthcare facilities is hardly surprising.

“Given the huge expansion of home building and the struggles that has caused for people, for example in accessing GP appointments, it is clear East Lothian needs and deserves more NHS spending.

“I look forward to presenting these findings to key organisations such as NHS Lothian and the Scottish Government shortly.”

The survey can be found at craighoy.co.uk/edingtonsurvey

Mr Hoy has also signalled his support for a protest rally which is due to take place on Sunday.

He said: “I am excited to attend Hands Around The Edington’s rally on Sunday to show my support for the Edington. We must rally behind the campaign to protect this vital community healthcare service.”