A CHARITY looking after Dunbar’s wooded area has received a tree-mendous donation.

Dunbar Community Woodland Group (DCWG) was given £1,475 by Viridor, as it toasted the safety record at its nearby Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) – the site recording zero lost time injuries (LTIs) since it became operational in January 2019.

Dunbar Community Woodland Group was nominated for the donation by Sue Anderson, visitor centre officer at the ERF, which is based at Oxwellmains, east of the town.

She said: “Dunbar is so lucky to have Lochend Woods and, although it’s up to all of us to look after them, the work of the DCWG volunteers in planting trees, maintaining the paths and managing the woodland for the benefit of wildlife and the community is to be applauded and I’m delighted Viridor is supporting them.”