REPLACEMENT planters are coming to North Berwick Railway Station thanks to the efforts of a local gardening club.

A fundraiser was held by North Berwick Gardening Club in the grounds of the Abbey Church on High Street, where a variety of plants were on offer.

The money raised from the event went to North Berwick in Bloom.

It was combined with a grant from North Berwick Trust to help buy the planters, as the current ones are beginning to rot and leak so have to be watered frequently.

The new planters will have reservoirs and so will need much less watering.

A range of flowers, vegetable seedlings, perennials, herbs, houseplants and alpines were all on offer at the event.

There were also hundreds of newly lifted tulip bulbs able to be picked up by those who went along following North Berwick in Bloom’s tulip festival.

A steady flow of visitors picked their favourite plants and left a donation as payment while they left, with a total of £1,314 raised.

Cathie Wright, from North Berwick Gardening Club, said: “This money will ensure that the new station planters will be overflowing with bedding plants in the summer and tulip blooms in the spring.”