A WATER loving pooch saw his paddle in the water off the North Berwick coastline end in a rescue from the local lifeboat crew.

At about 5.30pm yesterday (Wednesday), North Berwick’s coastguard and RNLI teams were called to Broadsands beach in the west of the town.

They were assisting a member of the public whose dog got into bother during a swim in the sea.

The happy golden retriever, called Robbie, was venturing further and further away from the coastline during his swim, despite desperate calls from the owner.

Realising what was going on, the owner called for assistance rather than attempt a rescue themselves.

The coastguard and lifeboat crews were quickly on scene, with RNLI volunteers returning the dog to the beach.

Robbie was unharmed and completely oblivious to the concern felt by those around him.