LOCKDOWN saw many people set new targets and goals, but Nigel Morton took that to a new level as he ran up and down North Berwick Law 365 times in just over four months.

The challenge saw him run a total of 550km as running up and down the hill was a combined distance of 1.5km.

His total ascent was 56,000m – more than six times the height of Mount Everest.

Nigel, who lives in North Berwick, started the challenge at the beginning of the year after being set it by a friend.

Formerly a Royal Air Force pilot for 10 years and now a long-haul pilot for British Airways, the 49-year-old said being a keen hill runner had helped him complete the challenge, and without injury.

He said: “I’m a bit of a hill runner and couldn’t go to the mountains and up to the hills because of the travel restrictions. One of the guys I was in the air force with, who is a great friend, knows I run hills and challenged me.

“He said, ‘I bet you couldn’t run up and down the Law 365 times next year.’ I think it was just a throwaway comment and he didn’t mean for me to take it seriously.

“I have a lot time off at the moment as I’m not doing a lot of flying so I wondered if I could do it.

“I did a few and before you know it you’re in it and you think that you can keep going and finish it. And once I start something I’ve got to see it through to the end.

“With the pandemic, I’m probably working half as hard as I normally do so there is no way I could’ve done something like this in normal times.

"It was a little bit of an opportunity because I don’t think I’ll get this time again.”

Nigel celebrates the end of his challenge with a bottle of champagne

Nigel celebrates the end of his challenge with a bottle of champagne

And Nigel was reminded of his challenge daily, as he can see the Law from the kitchen window of his home on St Margaret’s Road.

He would often complete multiple ascents/descents in one day and, on one occasion, did an incredible 17 up-and-downs!

He said: “I met some great people up there. There was a guy from the BBC who I had an amazing chat with; there was someone who had a heart attack who was telling me he climbed it every day for a year as part of his rehab; and a girl who was raising money for Reverse Rett. She was inspirational.

“Some of the sunsets and sunrises were just incredible, especially when the snow came in February, but every day was different.”

A bottle of Champagne surrounded by wife Sally, his two children Eva and Angus and some friends helped celebrate the end of the challenge on May 7.

Nigel was delighted to complete the challenge and added: “My friend who started it all did the last one with me.”