DUNBAR is getting its own real-life Baywatch as a beach warden service is created at a busy coastal beauty spot ahead of an expected influx of visitors.

Many people across the country are expected to enjoy ‘staycations’ this summer, with travel restrictions still in place and fears over coronavirus.

It is anticipated that a large number of people could head to East Lothian and potentially to Belhaven Bay.

Now, Scotland’s only coastal water safety education club, Dunbar Surf Life Saving Club (DSLSC), has received a cash boost.

Community Windpower and BeGreen Dunbar has donated £2,400 to support the charity, which is based at Belhaven Surf Centre.

Janet McDougall Welch, from Dunbar Surf Life Saving Club, said: “We are predicting a surge in open water swimming this year, alongside our ever-growing number of surfers taking advantage of the waves at Belhaven Bay.

“The funding from BeGreen Dunbar and Community Windpower will allow us to provide the relevant training and some essential kit, to run an essential beach warden service on our busier days.”

To combat the increased numbers at Belhaven Bay, the volunteers at DSLSC have devised a plan to offer a beach warden service.

The funding will go towards training, uniforms, first aid and a gazebo where the wardens will be stationed during busy periods.

DSLSC is a registered charity and affiliated to Surf Life Saving Club GB and the Scottish Surfing Federation, and is also recognised and supported by the RNLI.

Mrs McDougall Welch added: “As a club, we are thankful for the continued support from Community Windpower and BeGreen Dunbar, who have helped DSLSC continue throughout the pandemic.

“The club is now into its sixth year of operation and with the funding we can carry on our brilliant progression of offering lifesaving services to our community.”

Diane Wood, community benefits director at Community Windpower, was happy to help out.

She said: “The excellent volunteers offer a brilliant service to the local community, allowing all visitors to Belhaven Bay to feel safe when swimming in the open water.

“As summer holidays abroad this year are looking less and less likely to go ahead, there is expected to be a rise in staycations.

“As a result of this, footfall at Belhaven Bay is likely to increase, and we are ecstatic to be supporting the safety of all the visitors to the area.

“Community Windpower and BeGreen Dunbar are excited to see people back outdoors and keeping active on the beaches around Belhaven, while helping to reinforce a safe and healthy mindset, after such distress for all this past year.”