TOURIST looking for things to do in East Lothian are being given links to view hardcore pornography by a website promoting the county's museums.

The independent website claims to promote places to visit in the county.

However, people who go into the website quickly find themselves confronted by links to x-rated 'projects' offering to present "society's darkest fantasies" and giving graphic details of sex acts which can be viewed on them.

The website operators, who are named as ABC, can only be contacted via the site, which has not reported any news for more than two years.

They described themselves as a "team that loves museums and want the natives of Scotland as well as travelers (sic) from other countries to know their importance".

They add: "People (vacationers) usually tend to overlook museums when they are on a break because these places take time and lot of patience but we at ABC are dedicated towards changing that mindset and introduce people to museums in East Lothian."

East Lothian Council said it suspects the site has been hacked after no longer being used.

A council spokesperson said: "We are aware of this site, which details information on a range of museums and related visitor attractions across the county.

"It is not linked to or connected with East Lothian Council and our museums service or using the council branding style or logo.

"Anyone connecting to this site will see a security warning which indicates that continued use of the site may cause problems to the user.

"Our initial enquiries have indicated that this site can be hosted from anywhere in the world but it appears possibly to have been 'abandoned' and then hacked into at a later date."

The site also gives hints that it is not based in the United Kingdom, with some information for visitors which might raise eyebrows, including repeatedly using the wrong spelling of whisky.

Under its guide to food and drink, it tells people coming to East Lothian that the food is an "amalgamation" of Scottish and English produce.

It adds: "The main course is almost always made of meat or sea food. Beef is much loved here and is eaten in different forms and the people here love their porridge and haggis."

The site goes on to add: "Scottish people are known to make some of the best whiskeys (sic) in the world and it is their preferred choice of drink.

"They also enjoy drinking beer and therefore you will find a number of breweries in East Lothian that make and sell whiskey (sic) and beer locally and internationally."

However, it also has useful information about the county's towns and museums, with links to the council's website and VisitScotland's website, as well as listing fun activities for families holidaying.

National Museums of Scotland said it was unaware of the website.

The website operators have been asked for a comment.