A STUDENT was battered unconscious by a street gang who are being blamed for terrorising a village.

Mikey Ward, 22, was left lying in the roadway after being attacked from behind by a teenage gang member in Port Seton on Saturday night.

Mikey and girlfriend Ailie Ramsay, 22, had just walked a friend to get a taxi when he was set upon by the cowardly thug at about midnight at the village’s Park Road.

Mikey, who is in his fourth year studying robotics at Heriot-Watt University, was left unconscious after being savagely punched to the face following an exchange of words with the gang.

Police have now launched a hunt for the attacker, who is described as in his teens and wearing dark clothing.

The local louts are also being blamed for a series of incidents in the area, including assaults, vandalism and a fireraising attack on a vehicle.

Mikey, from Port Seton, said: “We had been celebrating a friend’s engagement in our house and around midnight we decided to walk another friend to the main road to get their lift home.

“I saw the gang across the road and they were shouting insults towards us like calling me ‘speccy’ and saying things about Ailie.

“We tried to ignore them but they kept on at us and I have to admit I shouted back at them to ‘shut up and leave us alone’.

“They began following us and then I suddenly heard footsteps running behind me. I managed to turn round a bit when I was punched to the face really hard.

“I really wasn’t expecting it and was knocked out cold for a few minutes. I landed in the road and luckily it was late and there were no cars coming.

“Ailie started screaming and the gang all ran off. A neighbour heard the commotion and came out to see if we were OK and I managed to stagger my way home.”

Mikey suffered bruising to his face, a cut to his forehead and a deep cut inside his cheek during the assault.

The student added: “After a few minutes, one of them came back and mumbled an apology but I think he was just checking his mate hadn’t killed me.”

Mikey’s mother April Nisbet has slammed the thugs who attacked her son and says she believes the gang are to blame for a catalogue of incidents in the village.

April said: “These teenagers are just running riot. In the last year, my mum has had three windows smashed, her car door booted and my 14-year-old niece and her friend were assaulted and chased. I found a fire lit under a [neighbour’s] car and my sister has been verbally abused. Now my son has been assaulted in Port Seton.

“We have no enemies, keep ourselves to ourselves and don’t go antagonising the teenagers. We just want to live quietly with no drama but I will not stay quiet about this. It terrifies me that teenagers now think they can get away with assaulting an adult couple not even looking at them.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Around 1.55am on Saturday, May 1, officers received a report of an assault on a man in Port Seton a short time earlier. The man did not require medical treatment and enquiries are ongoing.”