THE loss of lambs in pregnant sheep at Barns Ness is “most likely” a result of sheep worrying.

East Lothian Council Countryside Rangers and Police Scotland were called out last month following a report of a dog chasing sheep for 15 minutes.

On the morning of Thursday, February 18, a spokesperson for the countryside rangers gave an update on the situation at Barns Ness, to the south-east of Dunbar.

They said: “The sheep at Barns Ness were scanned yesterday to see how many lambs they were expecting.

“There is good news and bad news: 93 have singles, 44 have twins, three have triplets and 10 are empty.

“Of the empty ones, two had absorbed the foetus; this is most likely a result of the sheep-worrying that occurred a few weeks ago.

“We cannot stress any more how important it is to keep dogs on a lead or under close control near livestock.”

To report an incident, contact Police Scotland on 101.