Last Saturday, I witnessed traffic at a standstill in both directions along the length of Mall Avenue in Musselburgh and at the Tesco roundabout. I am told that it was much the same on Sunday afternoon.

These conditions had unfortunately become normal here pre-Covid but we are supposed to be in lockdown and staying at home.

Why is there so much traffic on the roads when non-essential shops are shut, hospitality is closed down and people are not supposed to be visiting friends and family or travelling far for exercise?

During last year’s lockdown, there was little traffic on the roads. I could walk in the carriageway of Carberry Road from my house for several minutes without encountering a single car. Now the road seems as busy as ever and hardly anyone observes the 20mph limit.

From my kitchen window, I can see the A1 and there is a constant stream of traffic on it. Where is everyone going and why? Are people ignoring the restrictions? Has shopping for essentials become the great escape from boredom?

We are told that restrictions will be lifted soon. In Musselburgh, given the amount of traffic on the roads, it’s like they already have been.

Barry Turner