A DOG walker’s litter find on Tyninghame Beach last Thursday was anything but rubbish. . . as she picked up an “antique” crisp packet.

Tracey Radnall, of Stenton, was walking her dog Bertie near Francis Craig headland, below Ravensheugh log cabin, when she spotted a piece of litter.

When she scooped it up, she discovered it was a Golden Wonder crisps packet which, according to print on the front, cost 6d – sixpence in the UK’s pre-decimal currency, about 35p today.

Tracey, a journalist and designer, said: “I’m always finding stuff, lots of fishermen’s rubbish, but when I picked this up I couldn’t believe it.

“A Golden Wonder crisp packet priced at 6d, dating it to at least 1971. It had no tears and the base was intact.

“Apparently a lad found a similar Golden Wonder crisp packet near Blackpool somewhere, which was 5d, but it’s the oldest piece of litter that I’ve ever found.

“It’s a lesson to us all how plastic is such a threat to our seas.”