A SINGER/SONGWRITER from Musselburgh has seen his music career gather momentum amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Luke Hunter, 20, a former pupil of Campie Primary and Musselburgh Grammar Schools, used his newly found free time during lockdown to write, record and produce a double album – Songs from the Inside, Volume One and Two.

A third-year music student at the University of Edinburgh, he records and produces all his music in his bedroom and plays all the instruments himself.

Luke said: “I spend hours on end tweaking small details and building up vocal harmonies, mixing guitars and playing the drums, and anything else that the song I’m working on needs.

“Volume One is very acoustic and emotional with quite a few sad songs but also some songs that lean into the folk genre.

“Volume Two is an indie pop album with lots of synths and jangly guitars.

“I feel that Volume Two summarises my sound in the best possible way and is definitely my proudest body of work so far.”

Luke was delighted to see Volume Two reach number 30 on the iTunes pop chart and secure a Spotify editorial playlist placement.

He added: “I’ve definitely felt a bit of momentum in my music career during lockdown but I am excited to get out and play live again, whenever we can do that.

“I’ve been releasing music on streaming platforms since 2017 but I feel like I’ve finally found a genre that I want to work in.

“That’s due to the amount of time I’ve spent this year working hard writing, recording and producing all my music.

“I’ve had the opportunity to play lots of virtual performances and perform on local radio stations and podcasts, giving me the opportunity to connect to fans even during lockdown.”

Luke said that his new single Another Minute, now out on all streaming platforms, had kicked off a new era in his music, adding: “It’s an upbeat indie pop tune and it’s all about being scared to fall in love after being heartbroken but finding yourself falling in love regardless.

“There’s also a music video that was shot between Stenton and Gifford.”

Luke added: “Songs from the Inside was a bookmark at the end of chapter one, my first era of music. Going into chapter two, kicking off with Another Minute, feels like I’ve found my sound and I can’t wait to see where this soundscape takes me in terms of creativity.

“I’m also so excited to play these songs live and I’ve recently found myself writing songs with the idea of playing them live in mind.

“Another Minute also entered the Official Scottish Charts Top 100 at number 62 and the iTunes Singer Songwriter chart at number 2. There is also an acoustic version of Another Minute which is currently on YouTube but which will be released on all streaming platforms on Monday.

“I think, in 2021, I’m going to release some singles at the start of the year and then possibly an EP in the summer. I released three albums this year so I would like to work on something a little shorter.

“Hopefully I’ll be playing gigs throughout next year –fingers crossed.”

Find Luke on Instagram @lukehunter04 and Facebook at facebook.com/LukeHMusic