A HUSBAND who breached a court order by spending time with his wife when barred from doing so has been fined.

Simon Dawson, 53, was granted bail at Edinburgh Sheriff Court in April on a separate matter and was ordered to stay away from his wife and not to enter The Antiquaries, Prestonpans.

But Dawson, currently of Bridge Street, Haddington, broke the bail order by being caught in her company just 24 hours later.

Last Friday, Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard that police officers arrived at The Antiquaries home at about 11.35pm on April 27 to find Dawson drunk at the home.

Solicitor Chelsea Martin said that her client had been married to his wife for “a significant period of time” and they had a business together.

But Dawson was not working at the moment due to the bail conditions.

Ms Martin said that Dawson had shown “a lack of judgement” by going to see his wife.

Sheriff Roderick Flinn issued Dawson with a £50 fine.