While I enjoy reading the Courier every week, I am very aware that most of the letters to the editor are full of complaints and woes.

I have had to be in self-isolation for medical reasons (I do not have Covid) and my first time out was last week.

I walked through Lewisvale Park with my husband and want to say how beautiful it is. While I realise many people have a great deal to cope with and times are not easy, we are so lucky to live in East Lothian with its fantastic parks department. The park in Musselburgh was buzzing with young families in the children’s play area. There were many people like me were just strolling through and, when I said “good morning”, we all remarked how well kept our park was. It's not only our park, the edges of the River Esk, Mall Avenue etc all look so lovely.

I want to use your letters page to compliment and thank all those who make our town a place in which it is a pleasure to live. Also, if we all took a pride in our town, like some kind folk who have been tidying up the promenade area, we would all find things to smile about instead of complaining.

Take a walk through the park.

Wilma Raitt

Carberry Road