SEVERAL instances of youths congregating in large numbers in the evening in parts of North Berwick have been reported to police in the past month, as coronavirus restrictions around gatherings remain in place.

On the evening of August 4, police were made aware of youths congregating in the Lodge Grounds and playing loud music.

Officers were unable to attend due to other calls but contact with the person who reported the incident confirmed that the youths had dispersed and all was quiet an hour after the initial call.

Officers were called to a similar incident four days later on August 8 following reports that the youths were also drinking alcohol.

Community officers attended and spoke with some of the youths who were there, and advised them about the volume of music and tidying up their rubbish.

On August 10, various calls were made regarding large groups of youths in the Lodge Grounds and High Street. They were said to be playing loud music and being loud.

No officers were available at the time but the council’s CCTV department was contacted and asked to keep an eye on the area.

Local community officers have been made aware and there have been no further issues.

On August 12, police were called to the Lodge once again to reports of youths playing loud music and drinking alcohol; however, no youths were there when officers arrived.

A call was made on August 14 to reports that youths were in the Lodge Grounds drinking, smoking and causing a general nuisance.

The same evening, a call was made regarding youths at Elcho Green near the anchor playing loud music.

However, once again no youths were spotted on police arrival on both instances.

There are also ongoing issues regarding youths congregating in the grounds of Law Primary School, leaving broken bottles and rubbish lying around.

Community officers have been made aware of the issue.