RECORD exam results have been achieved at Belhaven Hill School, despite constraints imposed by distance learning.

All 28 boys and girls aged 12 and 13 were accepted into their first-choice senior schools in England and Scotland after achieving impressive Common Entrance and scholarship results.

Henry Knight, headmaster at the school, said: “Just shy of 80 per cent of all grades at Common Entrance are A*/A or B, which is pretty impressive.

“The boys and girls have all done incredibly well, especially under the restrictions of lockdown and distance learning.

“Their Common Entrance exams were completed under strict conditions at home and the papers were sent to the children’s respective senior schools for marking.

“Under the circumstances, this is as close to the real thing as is possible.”

The impressive results come as Mr Knight gets ready to move on from the school.

When the term resumes, Olly Langton will move from Radley College, Oxfordshire, to take on the role of headmaster.

Mr Knight added: “We have 28 children going on to leading UK secondary schools including Ampleforth, Fettes, Loretto, Marlborough, Oundle, Stowe, Strathallan and Uppingham.

“Overall, 16 awards and scholarships have been won between 20 of our children.

“This is an incredible 80 per cent success ratio.

“Out of the 16 awards and scholarships won, two were academic, five in sport, three in art, three all-rounder, two in music and one in drama.

“The awards, gained in subjects ranging from Latin through to skiing, are real proof that Belhaven provides a broad and creative education.

“This is probably the best set of results in my 11 years as a headmaster.”