By Colin Beattie

I AM disgusted by the actions of Dominic Cummings and the inaction of Boris Johnson in relation to Cummings’ behaviour.

The UK Government have subsequently undermined their own advice and this is likely to result in people across the country no longer observing the rules in place. This has been a complete insult to all those who have been stringently adhering to the Government guidelines all these months.

Cummings’ actions were inexcusable, and I know that many in my constituency are outraged at his behaviour, given that they have been making sacrifices and facing difficult decisions over these last few months.

I would like to thank everyone who has followed the Government advice properly and has contributed to lowering the death rates of coronavirus as a result of this. Unfortunately, the UK Government’s chief advisor does not fall into this category.

I am glad that the Scottish Government position remains clear – we should still be trying to remain at home as much as possible to stop a second wave.

The recently published Route Map provides those living in Scotland with absolute certainty over what is and isn’t safe to do.

Our death rates are still too high and behaviour such as that of Cummings puts others at risk.

This week in the Scottish Parliament I will discuss ‘Brexit’ in the chamber, and outline my concerns about the negotiation timeline, given that these discussions must take a back seat while we tackle Covid-19.

Coronavirus needs the full attention of our Governments and whilst Brexit negotiations are also vital, we cannot dedicate the necessary attention to getting a satisfactory deal in leaving the EU during a global pandemic.

People in East Lothian can now provide ideas on how to make safe physical distancing possible, thanks to East Lothian Council’s work on ‘Spaces for People’.

They are hoping that this consultation will help them to identify locations that need improved to protect public health, support physical distancing and prevent a second wave of Covid-19.

You can submit your views at