A ‘WORM’ with a message has been created to put a smile on the faces of people in Tranent.

A series of stones have been carefully laid outside Windygoul Primary School with words such as “positive” “respectful” and “stay strong” painted on them.

Mum-of-two Amanda Warner is behind the Windygoul Worm, which she hopes will put a smile on people’s faces when they spot it during the coronavirus pandemic.

The 31-year-old was looking for something to help fill the time with her children, Jack, 8, who is in P4 at the nearby primary school, and daughter Millie, 4.

She said: “Myself and my two kids have been collecting and decorating rocks for a while now.

“Usually, we hide them round East Lothian but we have not been able to get out and about and have been stuck in Tranent.

“We noticed there were other places starting to do similar things, starting stone snakes.

“There is nothing in Tranent like it, and we had quite a few stones in the house for a while with nowhere to put them, so we went out and started the Windygoul Worm.

“We’re hoping it gives other people the chance to get creative and something to do when stuck at home.

“When people are out for a walk they can add to it.”

The family often decorate stones before hiding them around the county, when lucky finders can leave them, keep them or move them.

One stone even made it all the way to Germany.

Already, more than a dozen stones and rocks have been added to the creature.

Amanda was pleased to say the reaction on social media had been very positive, with the school’s headteacher, Dianne MacKenzie, welcoming the scheme.

Amanda, who works at the University of Edinburgh, said: “There have been lots of people saying that they love it.

“People have been tagging each other on Facebook and hopefully people will make the stones and put them there.

“Ms MacKenzie commented saying it was brilliant, and I was quite relieved!”