DOUBLE world boxing champion Josh Taylor has taken time out to help those in his local community by packing dinner kits with East Lothian Sunday Fresh Chicken Dinner Boxes.

The initiative, which hopes to become a charity, was started in the run up to Christmas last year by Jane Russell, who lives in Prestonpans.

It aims to deliver fresh food to families in need, but has also provided items such as clothes and birthday presents.

After seeing the demand for her service continue after Christmas, Jane, a mum-of-three, decided to keep it going and has maintained the provision of dinner boxes to families in need throughout East Lothian.

The dinner kits each contain meat, fresh vegetables, sauces, spices, sides, dessert and a recipe card.

The original boxes contained just chicken but now there is also a choice of sausages or mince.

With the need for more space to store food and pack the boxes, Jane has now based her project in Harlawhill Day Centre.

On May 16, Josh, alongside his partner Danielle Murphy, helped other volunteers pack some dinner boxes.

Together, they helped pack 112 dinner kits, which were later given to families across East Lothian.

This is not Josh’s first experience with the project; on April 12 he helped Jane and the Easter Bunny deliver Easter eggs to children in Tranent, Prestonpans and Musselburgh.

Jane said: “We are so grateful for Josh’s support. He wanted to help more and see what goes on behind the scenes.

“This was a great way for him to see what we do and how much work goes into our project to help all the lovely people in our community who are struggling at the moment.

“A huge thank you to him and Danielle.”

Demand for Jane’s service continues to increase – last Saturday, 123 dinner kits were delivered.

Donations of both food and other items for the dinner boxes continue to come in from members of the public as well as several local businesses.

The project also receives a portion of items from the FareShare delivery donated to the Port Seton Centre every week.

Jane added: “The feedback is fantastic about the food received but also the support of being there for them, helping them further. This really brings so much joy, to know how much we are helping people.

“This project is run by volunteers and is run from the heart. Everyone who helps, no matter how large or small, is crucial to us.”

Anyone looking for more information on the dinner boxes project is asked to contact East Lothian Sunday Fresh Chicken Dinner Boxes on Facebook.