AN ANNUAL door-to-door collection in aid of a global charity is moving online due to the coronavirus.

Haddington’s Christian Aid group, which features members of St Mary's Parish Church, Holy Trinity Church and the town's West Church, were due to be visiting homes throughout the town from tomorrow (Sunday) to next Saturday (May 16).

However, the global pandemic meant that was not possible, with the group instead finding another way to raise money for Christian Aid.

The charity works to support sustainable development, eradicate poverty, support civil society and provide disaster relief in South America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia.

It is the first time in more than 20 years that volunteers in Haddington have been unable to visit people’s homes.

John Weierter, of the town’s Christian Aid committee, highlighted collection boxes had arrived at his home shortly before the country was placed into lockdown.

He said: "We were expecting to start with a big joint service in St Mary’s on Sunday.

"Of course, that is cancelled.

"We have nearly 100 devoted collectors who deliver envelopes to over 4,000 houses and return to collect them.

"We have been instructed not to deliver any envelopes this year."

Now, instead of the traditional collection, the charity is doing what it can online – – to ensure the special week is a success.

Mr Weierter said: “Christian Aid are trying to set up a virtual online Christian Aid Week to try to keep people interested in that sort of thing, to get them to go online and there is going to be a service every day and activities like quizzes and information about the work of Christian Aid.”

Anyone looking to make a donation can do so online by going to

Alternatively, cheques can be sent to Janet Chrystal at North Cottage, Begbie, Haddington, EH41 4HQ to arrive before May 24.

The group has other fundraising events planned for later in the year and hopes social gathering restrictions will have been lifted.

An afternoon tea is planned for August 29 in the West Church while a quiz night will take place on October 30 at St Mary's Parish Church.

Finally, a kids' film afternoon is planned for the Trinity Centre on December 11.


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