PEOPLE are being urged to report shops or businesses where social distancing is not being followed as further powers are given to councils.

East Lothian Council says environmental health officers across Scotland now have new responsibilities to ensure appropriate public health measures are being followed during the Coronavirus pandemic.

And it said any shops which could not comply with the social distancing measures required will be forced to shut down.

The new Health Protection (Coronavirus) (Restrictions) (Scotland) Regulations 2020 have given additional control to councils and police to close premises.

Councillor Norman Hampshire, environmental spokesperson for East Lothian Council, said enforcement remained a last resort for environmental health officers.

And he urged people to report any business where guidelines are not being observed.

He said: "East Lothian Council in all cases will seek to encourage businesses to comply with the measures through stressing the risks to the public and the NHS.

“Formal enforcement will always be the last resort where businesses fail to comply or where social distancing requirements are compromised, putting public health at risk. This approach mirrors Police Scotland’s ‘Policing by Consent’ policy.

“We are asking local residents that if they have any concerns regarding social distancing measures either not in place or not being observed in shops to email

“The Environmental Health and Trading Standards Team will then allocate an Officer according to the nature of the complaint.”