Pupils at Ross High School have written letters to those in lockdown in care homes across the county, helping to bring joy to those who cannot receive visitors.

The letters were the idea of Kathryn Archibald, an English teacher and the school’s principal teacher of classroom practice.

She was talking to her second-year class about her gran, 99-year-old Mary Archibald, who is from Prestonpans but now lives in Fidra House Nursing Home, North Berwick.

Kathryn, who says that her gran is healthy but “just old”, phoned Mary at the home recently and reported that her gran sounded “a bit glum” and that “she relies on visitors”.

Having shared with colleagues in her department her belief that it would be nice for someone to write to Mary and cheer her up, other classes got involved, with pupils offering their letter-writing services.

Kathryn said: “In English, first and second years have to cover as many kinds of writing as possible. They have to write formal letters so I thought this would be a great way to do it.

“My second-year class wrote to my gran and other residents of Fidra House.

“Everyone has got someone – an older relative, friend or neighbour – they can write to and some people are writing to them.

“Those who don’t are writing anonymous letters to residents in both Fidra and Tranent care homes.”

Kathryn added: “In these unprecedented times, you would be surprised how kind teenagers can be. They are quite happy to send letters and draw pictures for someone.”

Akbar Mir, manager at Fidra House Nursing Home, said: “We are very grateful that the students took the time to write these letters.

“On behalf of all of the residents, I would like to thank the pupils for their kind efforts and we look forward to reading them when they arrive.”