MUSSELBURGH MSP Colin Beattie is self-isolating after his wife was diagnosed coronavirus (Covid-19).

After a lengthy discussion with NHS 24 and a visit to Midlothian Community Hospital Mr Beattie and his wife Lisa have self-isolated following her diagnosis of Covid-19.

Commenting, Mr Beattie said “I have now experienced this virus and the NHS response personally and the virus is indeed a potentially dangerous one. On the other hand the NHS were first class and professional. I can’t praise the staff enough and I am reminded of our gratitude to all in the emergency services and doctors surgeries who are at the highest risk of contracting the virus but who are still working to keep us safe and well.

"This is not to mention all those who are the rarely mentioned who are carrying out essential cleaning, do the laundry, provide meals and other services which we often take for granted but are vital to the needs of us all. Special thanks must go to all those who are continuing to deliver all our needs – the posties, van drivers, and so many others.

"For many people, especially those living alone in isolation, this situation may bring anxiety and even depression. Please help them to cope with this added burden by contacting your local community help group, many of which have sprung up in response to the needs of their communities. If you know anyone like this personally then a phone call or even a text can mean a lot and may make a huge difference.

"The need for us to take this virus very seriously is indeed clear. This is not necessarily just for ourselves, but for the vulnerable in our community who are at considerable risk if we do not properly practice social distancing and self-isolation.

"It is inconvenient and it is boring to be trying to run a business or a job from home. It is no fun at all.

"I am on day six of isolation at time of writing this with another eight days to go. I spend my day on the phone to constituents and work partners and it is frustrating and inefficient. It’s no substitute for meeting face to face.

"However, it would be much worse if my doing so resulted in the illness, or worse, for a vulnerable person. In the course of my work I meet so many who are in the vulnerable groups and it is them we need to be considerate of in this time.

"We all need to be sensible and do the right thing. That way we will get through this crisis with a lot less pain. Kindness and consideration will get us through.”