INCIDENTS of fly-tipping could have links to organised crime, according to an East Lothian councillor.

Dumped kitchen units and tyres have been highlighted on social media on roads around Tranent, including Brickworks Road and Birsley Brae.

Now ward councillor Colin McGinn has called for everyone to do their bit to tackle the problem.

Mr McGinn stressed that fly-tipping was “not a victimless crime” and told the Courier: “I’m not sure if it is an increasing problem – I’ve got no figures to back that up – but I would say it is a continual problem.

“We have tried to address some of it through the CAPP (community and police partnership) on a couple of occasions, particularly down at Buxley.

“There is potentially organised crime involved in some cases and it is more than just a household dumping some bags. It is a continual issue and I walk my dogs and every week there is something.

“It is a blight.”

Anyone caught fly-tipping can be hit with a £200 fine and penalties can be issued by the police, council or public bodies. If the case goes to court, a person who is caught littering will have to pay a fine of up to £2,500.

Mr McGinn added: “A lot of work goes into getting people outdoors and making sure core paths are maintained.

“The worst thing is seeing 30 tyres or 10 kitchen units [dumped] – it is not acceptable.

“People think it is a victimless crime but it is not good to see and there is a cost to the council or farmer to clear it.”