A STROKE survivor is taking on a five-kilometre charity run – despite needing to learn to walk again.

Dalbir Kang, 46, who lives in North Berwick but is originally from Wolverhampton, is signed up for the Stroke Association’s Resolution Run on March 1 at Cramond Foreshore, Edinburgh.

He was inspired to take part after suffering two strokes: the first in April 2015 and the most recent and most severe in April 2018.

He said: “I am proud to join the resolution and run the Resolution Run as a stroke survivor.

“It took me four months to walk again, so this is a real milestone for me, and to be doing something that I thought would be impossible to achieve may now be possible.

“I didn’t think I would walk again, let alone run.

“I know things will never be the same again, I was told that by my doctor, but I’ve been taking small steps in a long way to making things get back to normal.

“It was definitely scary, it’s the fear of the unknown.”

Dalbir, a former IT manager at the University of Edinburgh who lives in the new Walker Homes development, has undergone three major operations to remove a benign brain tumour and was told there was a risk of him having a stroke, but he never imagined he would have one.

After his first surgery in April 2015, he suffered a minor stroke, his tumour returned and he had surgery again in March 2017.

His tumour returned a second time, with his final surgery taking place in April 2018 – he suffered a severe stroke shortly after.

Dalbir describes his whole experience as shocking and frightening, having been left completely paralysed down one side.

He initially received treatment at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh, where he stayed for a month.

He then transferred and spent four months at Astley Ainslie Hospital in Edinburgh, where he received further specialist treatment and learned to walk again.

Dalbir said that his tumour had come back yet again but his neurosurgeon had told him it was too risky to have more surgery.

Despite being at home and independent, Dalbir often uses a stick to help him walk.

Both of his strokes have also affected his short-term memory and left him suffering from severe fatigue.

Dalbir completed the Resolution Run last year but walked the whole route – this year, he has more ambitious plans!

He said: “During the Resolution Run, I am planning to do my ‘fast walk’ – which makes me feel like I’m running.

“I want to encourage others to sign up and take on the challenge for such a good cause.

“Training has been going well, I’ve been going on runs and they have been getting easier and easier. Health by Science have been helping me out a lot as well.

“I hope someone reads my story who is going through a similar thing. I want them to realise there is hope, never give up. I was at that stage, I wanted to give up, but I didn’t.”

Dalbir hopes that one day he can run alongside his wife, 39-year-old Gurpreet.

To take part in the Resolution Run, visit resolutionrun.org.uk, email resolution@stroke.org.uk or call 0300 330 0740.