A COMMUNITY shelter created in the Lodge Grounds in North Berwick a few weeks ago has been vandalised, North Berwick Community Council heard.

At the group’s meeting last Tuesday, community councillor Bill Macnair highlighted the issue to his fellow members.

He said: “One or two youths have been spotted trying to break the shelter in the Lodge. They’ve been trying to kick the roof in.”

Lauren Cowie of North Berwick Youth Project, which helped take charge of the project, was not aware that the shelter had been vandalised when contacted by the Courier for comment.

She later said: “There is no damage to the shelter itself at all.

“Someone has said they saw kids on top of it and footprints on the side of it.”

At the meeting, Mr Macnair added: “I think it’s up to the kids to stop [doing] it themselves.”

Fellow member Peter Hamilton said: “The [Youth Project] were told by police that it [the chosen location in the Lodge Grounds] was not the best place for the shelter.”

Colleague Sue Northrup appealed to community councillors and asked if they could do anything to help and show their support for the shelter – no decision was made.