A REDUCED speed limit throughout much of Dunbar looks set to become permanent.

The speed limit on the majority of streets to the north of the railway line was dropped from 30mph to 20mph in August 2018.

The change in speed limit was to be in place for 18 months before members of the public were given the chance to have their say on whether it should remain in place or revert back to the previous 30mph limit.

A public consultation – both online and through leaflets posted through doors – was carried out to gather feedback.

Ward councillor Norman Hampshire said the findings of the survey showed that the majority of people were in favour of keeping the reduced speed limit.

He told Dunbar Community Council: “The survey results came back and 67 per cent of people were in support of it continuing.

“However, there were views that certain roads, distributor roads, as seen around the town should remain at 30 miles per hour.

“Transportation are reviewing the scheme and looking at roads they feel warrant a return to 30mph. It will only be on major routes in the town but 20mph will continue because the survey results came back in favour of that.”

The final say on the scheme is likely to come at a council committee meeting, with a report currently being drawn up.

Herbert Coutts, from the town’s community council, has been heavily involved in the move to see a reduced speed limit put in place.

He said: “I would be interested – presumably it is included within the report – to hear what the police evidence has been.

“That is a big factor in all this.

“The survey of public opinion is one thing but the police evidence and the results of the tests that were done in the same places where the council had recorded the speed of cars prior to the start of the trial [would be useful].”

A spokeswoman for East Lothian Council confirmed the report would look at various issues, including the public consultation and the possibility of including or removing streets from the 20mph speed limit. Similarly, it would highlight whether average speeds at various hot spots had reduced.

She added: “It was certainly noticeable on Summerfield Road that speed had reduced significantly.”