I AM STANDING to further the cause of remaining a democratic nation. Are we giving up on our voice to have at least influence over how we are governed?

I don’t know about anyone else but I want to know and understand what type of political system I am giving my consent to be ruled/governed by.

This, in my view, is the most important General Election of my lifetime.

I want UKIP to be THE populist party of the United Kingdom. I never thought I would find myself in the running for any job as vital as this one.

If I am chosen by the constituents of East Lothian to be their voice or not, the taking part in what may be the last time we can actually make a difference by a relatively civilised peaceful democratic process is something I am compelled to do.

I am put in mind of Homer Simpson’s campaign slogan: ‘Can’t someone else do it?’ Well, I can tell you no one can do it for us, we have to work together to do it ourselves.

Rights and freedoms have always been hard won and they have to continually be defended, which is maybe the hardest contest to win; eternal vigilance is not enough. To simply stand by and observe the dismantling of our ability to influence how we want to live our lives is never enough.

We need to have a protected right to free speech and freedom of expression. This is the foundation stone of a democratic system. There are many threats and attacks upon the principle that an indigenous population should have the right to self-determination. But without free speech and a fairer mainstream media, ask yourself how people can make a free, informed choice about anything.

We need a clean break from Europe. We need to govern ourselves.

Let’s not vote Homer Simpson in because once democracy is gone, it won’t be back for a long, long time and the cost of regaining even this very flawed, corrupt version of self-government will be of cosmic proportions.

Please vote for UKIP on December 12. We can work together to have a future we can all be a part of.