A PRESTONPANS man who squeezed his wife’s throat during a violent argument has been ordered to stay out of trouble for the next six months.

Lyuben Kolakov attacked his wife by grabbing her by the throat and applying pressure during an incident at the family home on the town’s Wilson Avenue.

Kolakov, 48, and his spouse were in bed late at night after an evening out socialising when he became “irate” and “gripped his wife’s throat”.

The woman suffered pain during the attack in May last year and shouted out for help to her brother, who was in the next room.

The brother entered the couple’s room and witnessed Kolakov on top of his wife with his hands around her neck. The man then heard his sister shouting “let go of me”.

Mrs Kolakov did not report the attack at the time but went to police in Musselburgh in July regarding another matter. During that interview, the woman disclosed what had happened the previous year and Kolakov was soon arrested and charged.

Kolakov appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court last month where he admitted the assault and sentence was deferred for reports.

He returned to the dock on Tuesday where Sheriff Donald Corke said he was deferring sentence for a further six months for the accused to prove his good behaviour. Bail conditions banning him from the family home were dropped and he was told he could return to the property.

Previously, defending solicitor Matthew Auchincloss said that his client and his wife had “up to this point had a wonderful relationship”.

Kolakov admitted assaulting his wife by seizing hold of her throat and applying pressure at an address at Wilson Avenue, Prestonpans, between May 1 and June 1 last year.

A plea of not guilty to assaulting the same woman by punching her to the face and repeatedly kicking her to the body at the same address on July 4 this year was previously accepted by the Crown.