ABOUT 200 metres of sewer pipe on North Berwick’s West Beach is set to be upgraded. . . but there are no plans to change its location.

Scottish Water has applied to the Scottish Government for a Marine Scotland licence to carry out the upgrade, which includes putting a new external coating onto a section of the sewer and some of the raised manholes, making them more durable and extending their lifespan.

It says the work will improve the appearance of the pipe – but there are no plans to move it.

If the licence is granted, Scottish Water expects work to begin early next year and last for about four weeks.

Old drainage connections laid from houses next to West Beach out to the trunk sewer will be removed as the houses’ private drainage system has previously been redirected.

Scott Fraser, regional communities manager at Scottish Water, said: “This work will improve the external look of the pipe.

“The existing concrete finish on the pipe is starting to crack and this will remove any loose concrete and enable us to smooth over the external coating, which will remain the same colour.

“We are aware parts of this pipe can be temporarily exposed depending on weather conditions. Over time, the pipe will naturally be covered back over by sand. Scottish Water has no plans to change the location of this pipe.

“The sewer is operating as it should and this work is being carried out to prolong the lifespan of the sewer.”

The pipe has frequently been labelled an eyesore. And small rocks which collect around the pipe can be blasted by the tide at the sea wall, sometimes causing damage to it.

cause damage to the sea wall collect around the pipe can be blasted at the sea wall by the tide, some and are then blasted by the tide at the sea wall, causing it damage.